The Music

The EXpert features original music and sounds by award-winning, Juilliard-trained composer & film producer Ebony Tay. Tay used sounds from instruments being played in reverse, sampled hybrid computer typewriters, computer transistors, and failing hard drives, along with programming NI drum kits, various synthesizers, guitars and effects from Eventide to create The EXpert’s creative percussive sounds and melodies.

To create the score, Ebony focused on the idea that The EXpert’s protagonist, Lauren, turns to her computer and its community of strangers to help her get over her breakup and in the same way, the score compliments and accentuates the personality of this third, nameless character. 

Composed and produced by Tay, The EXpert’s 21st century theme features bass from Mark Kelley (The Root’s Crew, Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show), with more top musicians to be unveiled as the series progresses.