The PlaY

The EXpert is a transmedia project that embraces one of the most popular, present-day methods of communication: the internet. From community building to polarized dividing - the internet influences us: what we post, why we post it, when we post, who we tag or mention, what we read, what we share, when we comment, when we don't, when a picture speaks a thousand words or a hashtag speaks for us all. We've adapted to tiny keyboards, share our feelings with emojis, and take pride in a page full of curated memes and gifs. Textspeak has become the preferred method of interaction with anonymous strangers who become friends. 

Has person-to-person communication become a scarcity? Have we've forgotten how to "say" what we mean? 

With a captive online audience, technophobic and emotionally-crushed, ex-girlfriend Lauren will reflect upon her own failed relationship to become The EXpert, by providing advice and guidance to an anonymous community of fellow Exes. Over the course of the play, a series of flashbacks between she and her ex-boyfriend, Jack, will reveal the catalyst that caused their relationship to implode:

a conversation.